TRICOGEN Lotion (100ml)

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FarmaVita® TRICOGEN Intense Therapy Complex

FarmaVita® TRICOGEN Lotion (100ml)

Concentrate composed of Auxina Tricogena and Balsamo Fioravanti. The first ingredient is able to improve metabolic exchanges between hair and blood circulation; at the same time the many extracts contained in Balsamo Fioravanti ensure a sustained action against excessive sebum and dandruff.

Directions: Before applying the product, wash the hair with the specific TRICOGEN Shampoo. Then massage the scalp and apply the contents of a phial, moving the hair in order to be as close as possible to the hair bulb. Leave the product for a few minutes then style as usual. Do not rinse. P.S.: Repeat the application 2 or 3 times a week. When the problem has been attenuated, only one application per week is suggested.


BALSAMO FIORAVANTI: is a rich complex of precious vegetal extracts. An ancient herbal tradition attributes an antiseptic and revulsive action to Myrrh and a strengthening and toning action to Ginger; their synergy removes all impurities from the hair bulb, allowing the regulation of the nutritional exchanges. Essential Laurus oil creates the optimal condition to preserve the hair papilla while Cinnamon extract develops an effective astringent and purifying effect on the scalp. Galbanum oil has soothing and strengthening properties. Zedoary plays a key role since it gives body and brilliance to the hair. The effect exercised by Clove essential oil removes excessive oil, restoring balance to hair and scalp. Essential Scotch Pine oil and natural Menthol crystals help provide the substantial nourishment for hair growth.