Life LIGHTENING Oil (500ml)

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FarmaVita® LIFE PROFESSIONAL - Lightening Oil (500ml)

Characteristics: Specific decolorizing oil effectively bleaching the hair, while respecting their structure. Enriched with vegetal extracts, which carry out a lenitive action on the scalp, it bleaches natural hair up to 3-4 tones. Mix 1+2 with Cream Developer and apply on dry and not washed hair.

Laying time: from 5 to 45 minutes; regularly check the level of bleaching achieved. Rinse with plenty of water and wash with Shampoo Post Color.

Warnings: It contains ammonia. Avoid contact with eyes; if the product gets in contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Use disposable gloves to protect your hands. Store beyond the reach of children. Shake it well before using.

Specific decolorizing oil effectively bleaching the hair while respecting their structure.